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39, 천칭, United States, Northern California
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Curves and more curves.... 8 장 사진 8 photos
Ass..Ass...n more Ass!! 9 장 사진 9 photos
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성적 취향양성애자
신장>5' - 5'3" [150센티미터 - 160센티미터]
무게140 - 160 파운드 [60 - 70 킬로그램]
언어영어, 러시아어
Northern California
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Giving head, having my nipples sucked, 4-play, big natural tits, dirty talk & being spanked. Being spoiled, compliments, men who appreciate me & show it! Making you cum & showing off my body.
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Im a very Curvy, Sexy, Outgoing, Open-Minded American Woman. Love to please
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Not Much, besides Rude, Pushy/Demanding guys who DONT Tip, Stupidity & Anyone lacking common sense.
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A little bit about ME & info on PRIVATE Shows/ C2C & PM's
..::A little About Me::..
I'm a very energetic, fun, sweet, open-minded & down-to-earth woman. I enjoy anything outdoors. Biking, walking, hiking, swimming, water slide/parks, frisbee, lazer tag, yoga, dancing, zumba, Just Dance games, and lots more. I also love LAUGHING, smiling, being positive, surrounding myself with positive people, & hanging with family & loved ones. I enjoy kickin butt in foosball, learning new things, meeting new people, traveling, & much more, just ask me.
..::PRIVATE Shows/ C2C & PM's::..
~ Privates, C2C, and spying are always welcome. If you NEED/WANT my undivided attention NOW, & on YOU, and ONLY You, Take me Private. I promise, you will NOT be disappointed :) Sound (if off) will automatically go on for private or c2c shows. *Discussing with me before a pvt/c2c will ensure the best show for you without wasted time. ~ NO asking/directing/requests without tipping first! ~ I will NOT do any requests for 1 tkn. ~ Do Not promote yours/anyone elses room, in mine!! You will be banned. ~ PM's SLOW me down, If you've Tipped, You will get priority when it comes to PM's. Otherwise PLEASE chat in the main chat room unless we're discussing business (privates, dirty talk) etc. Also, if you've pm'd me, PLEASE let me know in the main chat, I usually don't check them during shows, unless told to. ~ Wanna talk dirty to me & get a reply? Do it ONLY in Tip notes ~ Lets have fun, cum, & be respectful to everyone.

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Amazon and all other Gift Cards
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Help me buy a house
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У тебя очен хорошыя глаза 😉,
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How light, fresh, and beautiful you are,
You have such power in you!
She leads me through the nights,
Your eyes are just my eyes!
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What a RIOTOUS sexy sweet hot-assed babe... Everything that is missing from 'las chicas' of the day.

Speaks FLUENT Spanish too... AY CARAMBA!

(HA! )
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